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Accessibility Issues are of importance for all congregations. In addition to making your building accessible, make sure your online resources are equally accessible.

Equual Access has published an excellent resource on Mental Health Issues. Download the Mental Health Reflection Paper from their Resource Page.

Do some of your members have trouble hearing your services? Certified audio consultant Warren Brown (UU Church of Akron) is available to speak free of charge to your church about audio and hearing assistance technology that can help your congregation hear better especially those with hearing impairments. He can also install temporary hearing loops to assist the hard of hearing at special events, meetings, and services. Contact Warren at 330-338-8550 or brown at brownaudioservice.com or visit his website www.brownaudioservice.com for more information.  

UU World has announced that there are now audio files availble for online listening or download for a selection of articles starting with the Fall 2012 issue. Learn more at http://www.uua.org/publications/uuworld/audio/220067.shtml

Equual Access (www.equualaccess.org) is a UU Organization dedicated to making sure of access for all regardless of ability. Their resource page has a number of links, including an Accessibility Guidelines Document for UU Congregations that you can download or view online as a webpage with hyperlinks. Find the document at http://www.equualaccess.org/resourcelinks.html.

UUA Disability & Accessibility Webpage has a variety of links and resources on this topic. Of particular note is Disability 101, an introduction to the American Disabilities Act and what your congregation can do. Find it at http://www.uua.org/accessibility/index.shtml



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