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For Youth, Adults and Young Adults

UU Church of Kent, OH For a Google Map click here, for a Mapquest map click here.

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What's a Peer Chaplain??? Peer Chaplains are caring, understanding and compassionate listeners. They are there to offer one-on-one, personal care and attention to those whose needs go beyond what the larger conference community can provide. These are not certified professionals, but every-day people with a desire to serve their fellow human beings. The chaplain is one of the most important positions at a conference or other UU community event because of the emotionally supportive and spiritually nurturing role that they play in the community as a whole.

What's this training all about??? The training for this event will be led by a pair of facilitators, youth and adult, with experience serving as chaplains. The programming is designed to teach basic skills necessary for effective chaplaining such as active listening and responsive awareness. In addition, the training will cover topics such as the chaplain's role in the conference community and will address issues of confidentiality and ethical chaplain behavior. Ultimately, each participant will be challenged to take an inward look into their reasons for being a chaplain as they strive to find ways of enhancing their abilities to serve others.


It is for YOUTH (ages 14-19) who want to learn these concepts and skills, and then may possibly act as a peer chaplain at youth conferences or Summer Institute. ADVISORS (at least 25 years old) who want to support youth, improve their pastoral care for youth, and who also want to learn the skills and then possibly act as adult peer chaplains at youth cons. (Advisors must be approved as advisors by their congregation and may have some youth supervision responsibility at this event, but will be able to sleep) This training is also being offered to YOUNG ADULTS (18-35) who are active within the young adult community.

The goal is a maximum of 30 people. Participants will be chosen for leadership ability and peer chaplaincy potential, and should come prepared for a fun, working retreat. The application form (see below) will be reviewed by the Ohio Meadville District staff who will determine the applicant's appropriateness to serve as a Peer Chaplain. This is not a youth conference.

Evin Carvill-Ziemer is the OMD Program Coordinator and the Interim Minister at SouthWest UU Church. Her experience includes seminary training in pastoral care and experience serving as a chaplain in a hospital setting as well as providing pastoral care in congregational settings. Evin will be joined by one of our team of competent youth co-trainers who bring the perspective of experienced youth leadership to the training.

When: Friday, April 24, starting at 7:00 p.m. on Friday night and ending by 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 26 morning

Where: UU Church of Kent, OH. For a Google Map click here, for a Mapquest map click here.. To learn more about the host congregation visit their website at www.kentuu.org

Cost: $50.00. Registration for the training (which includes all training materials, as well as food and accommodations for the weekend) is $50. Participants are strongly encouraged to seek financial assistance from their congregations to cover the costs of registration and transportation. A limited number of scholarships for ½ of the registration fee are available for OMD participants. Scholarship forms may be requested at registration.

Housing: Participants, adult and youth, are strongly encouraged to sleep at the church. Motels are nearby if sleeping at the church is not a possibility. If you plan to do this, please notify the registrar. All meals during the conference will be provided at the church. Young adults will be housed separately.

Bring: Sleeping bag, air mattress, comfortable clothes, toiletries

Special Rules:

  • This is a NON-SMOKING conference. All youth, young adults, and adults attending this conference are asked to observe this policy. If this is a medical difficulty, please contact Evin Carvill-Ziemer.

???'s: Contact Evin Carvill-Ziemer, OMD Program Coordinator

This event requires additional forms for both youth and adults. These forms are on the Youth Program events Forms page and will be downloaded via a link in your confirmation email.

Each registrant is being asked to answer the following essay questions, you may want to consider your answers before you go to the registration form:

  • Why do you wish to be trained and serve as a chaplain at UU youth or young adult events?
  • Why would you be good at chaplaining and what special skills and abilities do you bring to the role?
  • What and how much experience do you have with UU youth or young adult programming?
  • What have these experiences meant to you and what future plans do you have involving UU youth and young adult programming?
  • What, if any, experience do you have with chaplaining or other peer counseling related functions? (This could be formal or informal, official or unofficial)
  • Please tell us about yourself including your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Are you a youth or young adult who would consider being a chaplain at Summer Institute 2013? If so, what is your experience at SI and what hopes do you have for your future involvement in this OMD programming?
  • Is there anything else we should consider?
  • Please list a religious professional (or if you do not have a DRE or Minister, an elected leader) who can serve as a reference for you.


I am ready, take me to registration.

Registration Deadline is April 5, 2014 and we have room for 30 participants.
Scholarship Requests Deadline is April 3rd and forms are due into the office by April 5th at midnight.
If the form is closed, please contact the district office to be put on the wait list or see if space is still available. If space is available after April 5, we will take additional participants, contact the district office to find out.



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