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Did you know your congregation has a Primary Contact? If your congregation needs assistance, please call your Primary Contact first. Read this article to learn more;  Use this form to find your Contact's information.

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This quarter's chalice lighter call benefits the Allegheny UU Church so they can soundproof the ceiling of their fellowship hall. Learn more about the call.


People around the country are preparing for the prosecuting attorney to announce the grand jury's decision whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Indications point to a grand jury announcement soon, possibly between Election Day and Thanksgiving. An indictment is extremely unlikely, but whatever it is, whenever it is, there will be much pain and anger that will be expressed in a variety of ways, some constructive and some not.


Are you a church leader who is passionate about serving your UU community? Are you a UU who wants to serve your fellow UUs in a leadership position? Do you know someone in your congregation or UU community who would be interested in serving? The District Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for elected leadership positions. We are looking for individuals with skills, dedication, and leadership experience to help shape the future of the District. Nominations for positions on both the OMD Board and the Nominating Committee will be made at the Annual District Assembly and we need to hear from YOU! Learn more about the process


Sometimes a challenge can offer an opportunity to try something new.

In the Ohio Meadville and St. Lawrence Districts of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the sudden illness and extended medical leave of St. Lawrence Congregational Life Consultant, the Rev. Chris Neilson, resulted in an all-hands-on-deck response from the district boards and from district, regional and national UUA staff.

The governing boards of the four districts that make up the Central East Regional Group have been in discussion about moving to a "Primary Contact" model where each congregation has a "go-to" person. The Primary Contact partners with the congregations’ leaders to connect them to helpful resources within the UUA (and beyond) and to strengthen relationships within clusters. The model provides an improved Primary Contact staff-to-congregation ratio in OMD and SLD (1 to 25-30 congregations). Staff will also continue to offer depth with their own portfolio "specialties" for the four districts in the region and connect congregations to specialists as needed.

The Rev. Joan VanBecelaere (lead of the Central East Regional Group) and the Rev. Scott Tayler (director of Congregational Life for the UUA) saw the challenge of the medical leave as an opportunity to pilot this primary contact program. They devised a plan to redeploy existing staff from the districts and region for the duration of the medical leave.

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